Our Timeline

2006: While we were dating, got pregnant while on the Pill, age 33.  Unfortunately, miscarried before we saw a heartbeat on the ultrasound.  BUT, I thought, this is proof I’m fertile-Myrtle!  Plus my mother had me when she was 41, so I figured there’s no rush at all.

April 2008: got married!  Age: me 35/him 37

May 2011:  Started temping, charting, and actively TTC.  I ovulate like clockwork.  Age: 38/40

October 2011: Age 39. Started seeing a RE, Dr. Thomas Vaughn of Texas Fertility Center in Austin.  Bloodwork and SA normal except I have a short LP (10 days) and low progesterone (8 on 7dpo)

December 2011: First IUI, natural cycle (no meds).  BFN.

January 2012: HSG clear.  Laparoscopy reveals mild-to-moderate endometriosis, removed with laser.

February 2012: Tried a cycle with Dr. Jeremy Kalamarides, a NaPro Technology doctor (Natural Procreation– recommended by the Catholic Church.)  Basically every other day bloodwork and ultrasounds tracking the follicles.. Creighton Method charting (super-detailed notations of cervical mucus).  End result– I learned nothing new except for the actual measurement of my follicle when it ovulated.  I already knew I was ovulating regularly on CD21 thanks to the BBT/CM charts I’d been keeping on www.FertilityFriend.com.  His diagnosis– luteal phase deficiency.  His prescription: take progesterone suppositories and come back if you’re not pregnant in a year.  (!!!!!!!!!!!)  Obviously, I walked away in disbelief.

March 2012: Back with the RE.  Injectibles + IUI.  Only stimmed 4 days (gonal F 225, 225, 150, 150) before trigger.  BFP– Chemical? or bad test?

May 2012: Disgusted by local RE practice because they refused to consider possibility of immune issues (despite my endometriosis which is a big red flag.)  So I left and did my first IVF cycle with Dr. Geof Sher in Las Vegas.  His testing showed I have a partial DQ alpha match with my husband, so he advised embryo banking, PGD, and SET.  L4 (long lupron protocol, relatively low stims for my age of 39) resulted in 11 ripe eggs, 9 fertilized with ICSI, all arrested on day 5.  No blasts, so no transfer.

June 2012: Went home and did more research, decided to get additional immune testing via Dr. Braverman in NY.  Results revealed only 4 DQ alpha matches so no need to limit to SET and no need for neupogen.  Further, normal Natural Killer cell activation but high NK cell numbers, Th1:Th2 cytokine ratios out of whack, and very high inflammation and TNF-a/IFN-g numbers.  Braverman recommended going gluten free and dairy free, plus handfuls of antioxidants and supplements.  Plan is next IVF cycle with Braverman to include fresh transfers on day 3, plus prednisone, intralipid infusions, and lovenox.

July 2012: +hpt on 10dpo, but beta was negative.  Another chemical or another bad test.

August 2012: Started low-dose metformin for egg quality (I’m not PCOS and do not have insulin resistance.)  Also started myo-inositol and melatonin, also for egg quality.  Started BCP and lupron suppression for next IVF.

September 2012:  IVF #2 with Dr. Braverman!  Will be on LA8-e2v (Agonist/Antagonist Conversion Protocol, starting with 600 Gonal F, and estrogen priming.)   ER, September 26, 2012.  Got 7 eggs, 4 were ripe and the other 3 successfully ripened in vitro.  ICSI fertilization of 6 eggs.  3 made it to blast and were vitrified.

October 10, 2012: Laparoscopy #2 to remove endometriosis by Dr. Mark Akin.

November 2012: IVF#3, number two with Braverman.  Same protocol (LA8-e2v) but the eggs grew way faster this time, so we had to leave Austin early, did the ER on Nov 26.  One blast out of six eggs, and it’s frozen.

January 2013:  Started Humira to bring my cytokines and inflammation down, and will also do IVIg infusions, for a FET in spring.


5 responses

10 09 2012

Thanks for following my blog. I’ll be following you back. I often wonder about my own immune system and if I have any issues. I’m about to embark on IVF #2. How is the gluten and dairy-free thing going? Seeing improvements? I would do it if I knew it would make a difference, but it would definitely be a huge lifestyle change for me.

10 09 2012

I emailed you about it 🙂

21 09 2012

I understand your journey all too well. Not so much the immune portion, but IF….too too well. You will be in my prayers during this cycle and fingers crossed for a great outcome.

Thank you for stopping by my little piece of the planet. 🙂

18 02 2013

Glad to see some other Immune IF’ers blogging out there! awesomeness!

20 02 2013

Yaaaaayyyy!!!! now I need to check yours out…

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