Uhhhhh…. I’m pregnant?

5 09 2013

Uhhh… so get this.

I turned 41 in August. My immune panel just came back a week ago as HORRIBLE, WORST EVER, YOUR BODY IS A FIERY INFERNO READY TO INCINERATE EMBRYOS.

My cycles have been HAYWIRE since the miscarriage in May.

For WHATEVER reason, random out of the blue wild hair, I just decided to take an OPK the day I left to join my husband at his parents’ house. It looked pretty close to positive.

The next day, I did another OPK and it looked positiveish, so, we did our business the next morning.

ONCE in the fertile window, IF the OPK was right. I wasn’t temping so no clue if I really ovulated.

I have a 10 day luteal period. I lost track of the days because WHO THE FUCK CARES when you know you can’t get pregnant anyway.

Last night was 11dpo. No period, so I had to actually renew my Fertility Friend membership so I could tell if I should be expecting it soon (I’m going to visit a friend next week and want to be prepared for AF). And yeah, so what the hell, I’ll take a hpt, why not? I can handle YET ANOTHER NEGATIVE. Took one test, poured out the pee. FREAKED. Put two more tests in the tiny bit left in the cup.

Then this morning:

5 tests 9 5 13

I had a beta drawn at 8am and I’ll update with results. On Dr. Braverman’s orders, I did 40 mg lovenox last night, 20 mg prednisone this morning, another lovenox this morning, 2cc PIO after my beta/progesterone was drawn, and I’ll do another 20 mg prednisone tonight. And if the beta is reasonable, IVIg asap.

EDIT: beta 34, progesterone 2.8. Another beta Saturday. Not optimistic.

BUT THAT’S CRAZY BECAUSE WTF WTF WTF WTF of course I can’t be pregnant. And especially not stay pregnant.




15 responses

5 09 2013

Wow!!! Congrats!!!

5 09 2013

Thank you nice lady ๐Ÿ™‚

5 09 2013

Amazing, can’t wait to hear your beta results!!!

5 09 2013

Boo, 34… I’ll keep you posted ๐Ÿ™‚

5 09 2013

OMG, Georgette! This is great news! Can I ask, have you ever gotten pg naturally before? Regardless, I am very happy for you and praying and crossing my fingers for you… this gives me hope, too! Keep us posted!

5 09 2013

Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ I have gotten pregnant several times “naturally” before… in fact, none of the IUIs worked though I did catch pregnant off the one frozen embryo transfer I ever did. Thank you for your kind words but I am NOT allowing myself to be hopeful NO NONONONONO I CAN’T HEAR YOU LALALALA

5 09 2013

Oh my gosh! When do you get an HCG done??

5 09 2013

First beta just came back, 34, so not good. Progesterone only 2.8. Second beta will be Saturday morning. I do not expect anything remotely like doubling, I would be shocked if it went up at all really. I’m going to eat pizza again tonight, f*ck this gluten free nonsense. What I REALLY want is a glass of wine the size of my head.

5 09 2013

Wow! Amazing

5 09 2013

Crazy time in Austin ๐Ÿ™‚

5 09 2013
Emily (eatloveprocreate.blogspot.com)

Well aint that some shit?!?! What a crazy train of a day for you. I cannot imagine the roller coaster your head and heart have been on today. Those lines looked pretty dark in the first pic, and I would have been so excited and hopeful too. You do deserve a glass of wine the size of your head. But you just never know…miracles do happen! Hang in there until the next draw! Big (HUGS).

6 09 2013

Thank you gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚

6 09 2013

wahooo congrats

6 09 2013

Thank you, so sweet ๐Ÿ™‚

6 09 2013

Crazy! But I think 34 is pretty good for 12 DPO, actually.

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