Yeah, so, about that whole pregnancy thing…

7 05 2013

This was my first transfer ever.  I’d done the one egg retrieval at Sher’s in Vegas, and made no blasts.  Two ERs with Dr B, 4 blasts, all frozen because we had to get my cytokines down to hope for a safe transfer.  Anyway–

My first beta was on May 1, eight days after the FET on April 23.  I’ve lost track of how many days old those blasts were, either 5 or 6, but the late A one was hatching after the thaw, and the early B was still dividing and differentiating between the “lump” that would become a baby and the “surrounding layer” that would be a placenta.  That beta was 371, and on Thursday May 2 Dr Braverman called to tell me I was pregnant… that even though I was doing biweekly hcG boosters (5000 units each), this number was sufficiently high to be definitely pregnant.  All good!

Second beta on May 3.  He emailed me on Saturday because the lab still hadn’t gotten him the results, and after some scurrying (they had a bad fax #) he emailed to tell me there were problems– the beta was only 128.  This was problematic of course, but he wondered if the first beta was somehow unusually high because of the booster, and my friend L___ suggested maybe I had two embryos implant and then one died.  So I was upset, but trying to hang on and be hopeful.  The third beta Monday (yesterday, May 6) would be crucial.  If it went back up, good, and if not, bad.

So, yeah… about that whole pregnancy thing.  Yesterday’s beta was only 101.  Definitely a chemical.  Dr B told me to stop taking all my meds, and I’ll get another beta Friday to follow it down to zero.  I’d already redrawn blood for a massive panel of (some old, some new) immune tests last week Wednesday, so I’ll be seeing Dr B in NY on the 18th to go over the results in person and figure out a few things:

— was there some new change in my immune status, which would be fixable leading up to another FET?

— if not, that kind of makes me think it was a chromosomal thing.  We have two frozen blasts left, an early C (C for Crud) and an early A (for Almost enough to make me excited.)  So, one more shot, basically.  (And I’m so freaking happy we didn’t take Dr B’s advice and put all four back at once.)

Although Dr. B (pre-FET) told me that I was on maximal immune therapy, I’m thinking there was enough time since my last humira dose (February) that maybe the TNF/IFN went back up.  Or something.  To me, right now, the lesson learned is, retest the immunes before the next FET!  Like, closely before.  Like a minimal number of weeks before to have the results but maximize their “freshness” and relevancy.

Anyway.  Cried on the sofa last night and then killed a few innocent pieces of pizza.

One more chance, folks.  *sigh*



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7 05 2013

Ugh. Don’t forget a glass of wine….or two….

7 05 2013

Georgette, I’m so sorry. I was really rooting for you and the great beta number. Thinking great thoughts for the next try. Take care of yourself. xoxo

7 05 2013
Emily (

I just came upon your blog while googling my brains out on reproductive immunology. I just want to send my condolences on your loss. I am so very sorry sweetie. From just browsing your blog, you have been through so much already. I am also thankful you still have two more blasts left! I have added you to my blog list and will be following your journey. I wish you nothing but the very best and hope you’ll have your take home baby on the next round!

10 05 2013

Sorry georgette. I know how bad you want this to happen. I say screw the pizza or wine. Down a tub of graham slam ice cream. Always works for me… ((hugs))

14 05 2013

Oh no, I’m so sorry. I was so, so excited for you! But – your body did respond! My successes have always followed dismal failures, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed the next time is THE ONE!

15 02 2014

I was considering going to Dr.Sher. I’m over 40 years old and he suggests the embryo banking with staggered IVF. He’s a great self-promoter–like a last ditch miracle worker. Do you think he’s worth it? Your posts are really informative. Thank you so much.

21 02 2014

I do, assuming you don’t have any indicators of possible immune issues. His understanding of immunology, though well ahead of your garden variety RE, is quite poor compared to that of Dr. Kwak Kim or Dr. Braverman. I am glad I only spent one precious cycle with Sher.

21 02 2014

I do, assuming you don’t have any indicators of possible immune issues. His understanding of immunology, though well ahead of your garden variety RE, is quite poor compared to that of Dr. Kwak Kim or Dr. Braverman. I am glad I only spent one precious cycle with Sher.

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