Dang cytokines etc are even higher now. Grumble grumble, freak out freak out.

15 11 2012

Dammit. Braverman just emailed me and then called me to chat… my last immune retest panel just came back and my cytokines are even HIGHER now than first and second test! They’re 51.9/37! And NKa are higher too.

So he said a few things: 1, after we discussed the supplements I’m on, he says there’s no issue with possibly being on ones that aggravate cytokines (he says greens/spirulina are the current consideration for that.) I’m on myoinositol, melatonin, metformin, L arginine, vitamins A C D E and fish oil, and MaxiFlavone. All good he says. Second, we discussed whether it’s a lab issue. The Y forum has a current thread about whether San Jose gets lower cytokine levels than RFU. Dr B’s thought on the matter is RFU gets more accurate results and he doesn’t think it’s a lab issue. Instead, he thinks there’s something innate in me, it’s not a diet issue or a supplement issue, and thus, we’ll need to make certain therapies are in place before we consider any FETs. (I already knew this.)

So… we have time to sort it out… he said one option is neupogen plus prednisone. The other is IVIg and humira. I’m fine with both frankly. He said neupogen alone isn’t really showing a decrease in cytokines in the immunological literature, but it is showing that in the reproductive literature. He also says neupogen plus prednisone has better results on that front. But “we have time,” he kept repeating, and “it will get resolved, we’re not putting any embryos back in you unless we know they’re safe.”

And then? the doozy… “Have you considered a surrogate? Not saying that is necessary– but if you wanted to avoid being on all the meds possibly necessary to bring down your inflammation…”

We chatted about that for a moment, but really the bottom line is no. I am 100% in favor of anything other people want to do… but us, we, I just couldn’t see paying $60-70k for someone else to carry the baby. He said well, keep your ears open, you might meet someone or find a family member who is willing. Yeah, I will keep my ears open, but really… I doubt it. We don’t have sisters, and none of my best friends live even in the same state. And they’re all my age. So who wants to get pregnant for free at 40+?? not happening.

AND I want to carry the damn thing myself. After all this, I WANT MORNING SICKNESS THANK YOU.

that is all.



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19 11 2012

Hey lady, when is your next ER?

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