Change the type of fat in your diet for IVF success…

19 10 2012

Just read this on Conceivable Solutions, a blog written by a PhD in Immunology who consults on RI issues.  Here’s her “two paragraph life summary:”

“Ten years ago, I was stuck in the world of infertility. I was seeing reputable Reproductive Endocrinologists and doing everything that I was supposed to do. Month after month, procedure after procedure resulted in a negative pregnancy test. At almost every appointment, I would bring up my immune system as a cause for my infertility and at every appointment my doctors would shake their heads and say, no, that could not be it, it must be your eggs. Yet, the little voice inside my head got louder and I began to do some research. Since the immune system played such a vital role in allowing an embryo to implant and survive, why couldn’t something go wrong with this process? Why couldn’t my immune system be destroying my embryos before they could properly implant and give me a positive pregnancy test. It seemed to make sense to me, by that point I had studied Immunology for years and even had a Ph.D. in Immunology under my belt. So as I failed 9 IUIs and 3 IVFs, my inner voice continued to ask the question, What About My Immune System?

Finally, I decided that it was time to listen. I quit infertility treatments and found an amazing doctor that actually agreed with me! And viola – yes, voila – I was pregnant. It was amazing! I used Prednisone, IVIG, baby aspirin, Folgard and Lovenox and I got pregnant naturally right away! For my second daughter I needed to add in a few more treatments (LIT and Metformin) and conceiving her was just as easy. Today I have a 6 year old and a 3 years old and I am thankful everyday for them and for listening to my inner voice.”

And here’s her comments on the right dietary fats:

“Last week, I read about a study involving 147 infertility patients at Massachusetts General Hospital Fertility Center. The study found that monounsaturated fat, like that found in olive oil, sunflower oil, nuts, seeds, and avocados was better for would be mothers than other types of dietary fat. Women who ate the highest proportion of monounsaturated fat in their diet were 3.4 times more likely to have a baby after IVF. While women that ate mostly saturated fat, such as that found in butter and red meat, produced fewer eggs and had a lower birth rate. What I found most interesting (but not surprising) about this study was that the researchers suggested that monounsaturated fats could improve fertility by lowering INFLAMMATION and affecting INSULIN sensitivity. As you all know, I believe that many women are failing their fertility treatments or having miscarriages because their immune system. Chronic inflammation can drive the immune system to be over active against a pregnancy and not allow the embryo to implant or survive. It can also decrease blood flow to the uterus and damage eggs. Does this mean that all of my clients are going to stop their IVIG or Prednisone and just start eating avocados? Probably not. It does mean that decreasing chronic inflammation can help all women achieve a healthier pregnancy. So if you are just starting out and want to make a few changes that you can do at home, consider trying an anti-inflammatory diet. If you have celiac, definitely avoid gluten. And if you have PCOS, the more that you can do to avoid sugar and simple carbohydrates in order to maintain a stable insulin level and decrease inflammation the better. And in the meantime…..have your immune system tested. The top tests that I like to see are NK cytotoxicity (including CD56), Th1/Th2 cytokine ratios, Leukocyte antibody detection panel, HLA, and T regulatory cells, to name a few.”



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19 10 2012

This also makes me think of coconut oil… I have heard it has anti-inflammatory benefits, so I did a little research and found some info supporting this claim:

from here:

“…research conducted by Sadeghi, et. al., has demonstrated that
coconut oil in combination with fish oil decreases levels of pro-inflammatory
cytokines such as Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF(a)) and Interleukin-6 (IL-6),
while stimulating production of anti-inflammatory cytokines such as
Interleukin-10 (IL-10).”

I found an abstract of the Sadeghi, et al study on PubMed:

“Dietary lipids modify the cytokine response to bacterial lipopolysaccharide in mice.”

From the abstract:

“…Peak plasma TNF-alpha, IL-1beta and IL-6 concentrations were lower in the [coconut oil, or CO]- and [fish oil, or FO]-fed mice than in those fed the [safflower, or SO] diet. Peak plasma IL-10 concentrations were higher in CO-fed mice than in those fed some of the other diets. These observations suggest that, relative to the n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid-rich SO diet, CO and FO diminish production of proinflammatory cytokines in vivo. This indicates that these fatty acids might be useful therapies in acute and chronic inflammatory diseases. The enhanced production of IL-10 following CO feeding appears to be an additional antiinflammatory effect of this oil, which could give added benefit in various clinical conditions.”

I know coconut oil gets a bad rap because it is a saturated oil, but its fats are 50% lauric acid (which meat does not contain, and breast milk has about 6% lauric acid), and lauric acid is thought to be beneficial for the heart, as mentioned here:

I think I am going to increase my daily intake of coconut oil! 🙂

19 10 2012

Moni, that’s awesome, thank you… dang, I might follow your lead. I don’t know a thing about cooking with it! I see it in the grocery store though and I will google it post haste. I’m already taking plenty of fish oil so I’m sure this will help.

19 10 2012
19 10 2012

I like Nutiva’s extra virgin coconut oil, it is unrefined and has a great coconutty taste. We make popcorn with it but I want to try making coconut rice, something like this:

I buy the Nutiva oil on Amazon:

I also recently discovered a new product at Trader Joe’s, it is roasted coconut. They take the wider coconut shreds (like the kind you find in trail mix) and soak them in coconut oil and then roast it. It is so yummy, tastes like coconut macaroons without all the added sugar, makes a great snack. I am going to stock up on these.

Thanks for the cooking with coconut oil links!

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