Some information on intralipids, gluten-free diets, and Neupogen

16 10 2012

I posted this on another forum, the Yahoo e-group for reproductive immunology.  Thought I’d share here as well.

A lady had asked 3 questions– what is the benefit of gluten-free diet, what is Neupogen for, and do intralipids increase cytokines? 

If you aren’t sure why anyone cares about these issues– check out the FAQ post (upper right of this blog).  If you’ve failed IVFs or had chemicals or a miscarriage– check out that FAQ!  But anyway:

1. Gluten free and dairy free diets are believed to reduce inflammation.

Braverman’s view on gluten free diet:
An article published in the Journal of Immunology has shown a connection between
gluten in the diet and “maturation” of dendritic cells. We have spoken often on
this site how the maturation of dendritic cells (the messenger cells of the
immune system) needed to be avoided in order to allow the embryo to turn off the
immune response of the mother, and allow for successful implantation. In fact,
many of the newer therapies we are using, such as Neupogen (G-CSF), have as
their mechanism of action the ability to PREVENT maturation of the dendritic
cells at the uterine lining. When dendritic cells are mature they take
information about the embryo to the lymph node and present it in such a manner
that the mother’s immune system mounts a response against the embryo. It is
becoming quite clear that patients where we suspect immune involvement of
pregnancy rejection, a gluten free diet seems to be imperative.\

Anti-inflammatory diet

2. Neupogen aka Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor (G CSF) is used for a
variety of purposes.

G-CSF levels tend to be higher in the follicular fluid in cases of successful
According to Dr. Braverman this is the only treatment that works for complete
alloimmune matches.

Here is a study of Neupogen’s effect on recurrent pregnancy loss:

Here’s a good study which shows high success rates with G-CSF after failed

Here is about importance of G-CSF in uterus:

Here is a very promising study which shows that with Neupogen flush women were
able to regain their lining. Previously they had only <7mm, with Neupogen
(G-CSF) flush they got it to over 7mm and all 4 patients got pregnant:

In this study they measure both serum and follicular fluid levels of G-CSF. The
higher the higher pregnancy rates and women with endometriosis tend to have
lower levels:

Here are some articles by Dr. Ledee. She has many on G-CSF levels in follicular
fluid and how higher levels improve IVF success rates:”Ledee N”[Author]

3. To answer one of your repeated previous questions, regarding the safety of

I found ONE study saying intralipid infusion increases cytokines. But it’s an
ENTIRELY different context– they gave an IL infusion to 7 guys, and didn’t to
the 7-man control group. Both groups then got an IV infusion of an endotoxin,
and they compared the immune system response to the toxin. Men receiving
intralipids had a better immune reaction (stronger immune response) for a short
period of time than men without intralipids. TOTALLY not the same thing. This
may be why we shouldn’t freak out when uninformed pharmacists stick their noses
Study here:

More info:\

IL reduce NK cell activation – calm down overactive immune system/inflammation.
As effective as IVIg
Intralipids are safer than IVIg as they do not contain any blood products. ILs
are also around 10x cheaper than IVIg.

Intralipid (IL), is a synthetic product composed of 10% soybean oil, 1,2% egg
yolk phospholipids, 2.25% glycerin and water. Based on research performed at
SIRM and elsewhere, infusion of IL lowers Natural Killer cell activation (Nka)
as effectively as does, intravenous gammaglobulin (IVIG.) When indicated IL (as
with IVIG) is infused 7-10 days prior to ET and one more time again after a
positive pregnancy in women whose Nka is due to an autoimmune causes
(antiphospholipid antibodies and/or antithyroid antibodies). In cases of
alloimmune implantation dysfunction (DQa and/ HLA matching between the embryo
recipient and the male partner) the same applies but in this situation the
infusion is repeated at 2-4 week intervals until the 24th week of pregnancy.
We have supplanted IVIG with IL therapy in a significant number of women
undergoing IVF , and who had immunologic embryo implantation dysfunction. The
results thus far have been excellent, way beyond our initial expectations.



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29 11 2013

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