Lap #2 done and over with.

11 10 2012

That was fast!  Friday last week, Dr B said get another lap.  (At like 4:45pm so too late to start making phone calls… because I wanted a different doctor than the RE who did mine in January.)

Monday morning I started calling.  Called the biggest OBGYN practice in Austin, asked for first available consult, got the president of the practice.  This seemed a good sign.  Appointment was Tuesday at 1:30pm.  So I went and saw Dr. Akin– had a very thorough consult including a brief exam and trans-v ultrasound (and my first antral follicle count!  At least 10, he stopped counting, which seems good for a 40 yr old chick.)  I told him I wanted to get the lap ASAP, and kidded “I’m free tomorrow.”  Well, turned out he was free too, as a patient on his surgery schedule came down with the flu.

So, yesterday (Wednesday) at 9am I showed up at the outpatient surgery center, and at noon I was la-la-loopy from the propofol.  Then I woke up at 2ish and was picked up my my hubby-dear at 3pm!  We stopped on the way home for some forbidden gluten (lo mein and wonton soup) and then I held down the couch with vigor and enthusiasm, though I didn’t manage to fall asleep despite the percocet.  Didn’t hurt, just was busy reading and emailing.  I didn’t speak with Dr. Akin afterwards but I examined the photos with my google MD and I see he burned a few small spots– no idea how the hysteroscopy went– I hope there will be a written report in time for Dr. B’s phone call Friday.

Slept like a baby and I’m back at work today– with some achey pain in my shoulder, to be expected– and I did my usual morning walk, then Mass, as always.  I will go to the gym at noon but I expect I’ll just walk on the treadmill as my incision is still pretty fresh though it’s stopped bleeding.

Phone consult on Friday with Dr B… I have several questions, including:

What about my protocol if anything will we change, to avoid another empty-follicle debacle?

Why were my eggs “brown”?  was there enough endometriosis in the lap photos to cause such a thing?

Should I do more intralipids and see if the long term prednisone + IL helps bring down the inflammation enough to avoid IVIg?  Only because I’m worried about the costs…

Sandra the nurse never got back to me on what supplements are okay to take, so I just started taking them all again.  Kind of ridiculous that Braverman’s website advocates green tea extract and then Sandra says it can increase Th1.

How are you ladies? and gents?



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